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4x4 Post Bracket #9069A
4×4 Post Bracket #9069A

Marine Grade Aluminum
10″ Long
4.5″ Tall
Holes are 3/4″ in from edge & 2 3/4″ from base
Requires 3/8″ Carriage Bolts for mounting

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4x4 Post Foot #4069F
4×4 Post Foot #4069F

This is a foot that mounts to the lower end of a 4×4 post leg. The post can be pointed on the base and pounded into the ground until the plate meets the surface.

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4x4 Brace Clamp (4 Pack) #9148
4×4 Brace Clamp (4 Pack) #9148

Marine Grade Aluminum

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4x4 Post Driving Cap #7101
4×4 Post Driving Cap #7101

This is used to provide a flat surface to pound a 4×4 into the ground with a sledge hammer. The 4×4 should be pointed on the bottom. 1″ thick Steel  on top and 3/16″ wall thickness on the sleeve. This … Read More

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J Bracket Connector #9067
J Bracket Connector #9067

Connect stationary dock sections with these brackets. The Bolt provided is to clamp the resting section on the J Bracket. The diagonal shaped bolt holes allow height adjustment up to one inch between sections as some lumber varies in size. … Read More

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J Bracket Surface Mount 2 PACK #4068A
J Bracket Surface Mount 2 PACK #4068A

The Surface Mount J Bracket bolts to the surface of the edge and provides a hook to rest the wood frame. Center bolts to secure the supported frame down are required.

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Corner Iron 90º #6027A
Corner Iron 90º #6027A

Corner Iron reinforces the inside corner of the dock frame. Mostly needed on a section that is resting on the J-Brackets for stationary docks or to reinforce corners and stringers on floating docks that are under a lot of torque due … Read More

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