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great norther docksGreat Northern Docks in Maine specializes in the highest quality custom boat docks designed for the harsh conditions of the New England Waterfront. We have a complete line of turn-key boat docks and boat dock hardware for the do-it-yourself market. We also stock standard pre-built wood or aluminum dock sections for the weekend warrior who wants it all ready to install as a weekend project. At Great Northern Docks showrooms and on this website we also carry a large variety of boat dock supplies and accessories.


One of the greatest advantages of our stationary dock systems is the ability to drive pipe into the ground for a solid stable platform. The legs are cut from affordable galvanized water pipe. Aluminum pipe is available at no extra charge. These platforms are often stable enough to eliminate the need for a boat lift. Consult one of our dock professionals before making a decision on securing your boat. We do sell aluminum boat lifts and plastic drive-on boat lifts for situations that require removing your boat from the water.


Great Northern Docks builds both floating boat docks and stationary boat docks.We will look at your waterfront conditions and your intended use to help you determine whether you should have a floating dock or a stationary dock. A floating boat dock self adjusts for changing water depths, while a stationary boat dock is more stable in shallow water. Stationary docks are lighter to handle than floating docks, while floating docks may install faster.


We have a tough line of galvanized marine dock hardware suitable for small to medium size lakes and rivers and even some of the largest lakes. We also make a heavy duty line of galvanized hardware built for the rough tidal shores and large lakes like Moosehead Lake, Sebago Lake, and Lake Winnipesaukee. All of our boat dock hardware for wood boat docks is hot-dipped galvanized for advanced protection against rust and corrosion.


Our docks are designed to be temporary and are accepted by most authorities as temporary docks, however our docks are also suitable for permanent boat docks where ice is not present. Specific requirements may vary, so please check with your local Code Enforcement Officer for regulations in your municipality. Coastal applications may also require permission from coastal protection agencies and possibly the Army Corps of Engineers. The State of Maine restricts most lake docks to temporary dock permits, and this is controlled by local code enforcement officers.


For those who like to do-it-yourself, we have wooden dock plans available in our literature and on this website. Our free boat dock plans make it easy to build an affordable and reliable dock system sized to work with our quality dock hardware. Choose a boat dock plan from our standard sizes and you are building from a design that has been time tested for decades of useful use. Please compare the price of our pre-built dock sections as they may save you time and money, since we buy our lumber wholesale and build sections quickly in jigs with pneumatic tools. Our jigs keep sections square and consistent. The Great Northern Docks branding on our dock represents a level of quality that is widely recognized, and will increase the resale value of your dock as well.


If you want a dock built and installed for you, followed by removal in the Fall, we can arrange service for all of your dock needs. For locations within 50 miles of our stores we will come out and measure for your dock and help you establish a plan. Once you purchase your dock we will set you up with a dock installation contractor who will assist you with annual installations and removals for years to come. Many of our full-service dealers also offer these services through their installation contractors.


We also manufacture, distribute, and retail a line of aluminum boat docks. Our aluminum docks are built from 6000 series marine grade aluminum. We use custom aluminum extrusions in our dock construction, designed by our engineers for ease of dock installation, and simple additions of dock accessories, like bumpers, benches, mooring whips, and dock wheels. We build two grades of aluminum docks: Dura-Lite and Feather-Lite aluminum docks. Both models of boat docks are designed for easy setup, simple installation and removal.Looking for an EZ dock to install? Look at our Feather-Lite 4×10 aluminum boat dock sections with a 65lb frame weight. They are tough, yet easy to handle. The 5″ tall frame is stronger than most comparably priced docks, and the use of standard pipe for legs will save you money over competing square leg docks. The use of pipe will also allow you to drive the legs into the ground, increasing the stability of your boat dock and provide a more secure tie-up.Our Dura-Lite aluminum docks are even stronger with a 6″ tall tubular frame and they feature removable deck panels and multiple sizes. The Dura-Lite dock is also designed for ease of adding accessories like dock cleats, or a mooring whip.Dura-Lite aluminum floating docks are available in multiple sizes. We manufacture standard 8×8, 8×10, 6×10, 6×12, 4×10, 4×12, 4×20 sizes. We also have tough aluminum ramps in sizes of 4×12, 4×14, 4×16, 6×12, 6×14, and 6×16. We manufacture longer aluminum tidal ramps up to 24 feet with truss style railings.


We manufacture swim floats in 8ft x 8ft or 8ft x 10ft sizes.


At Great Northern Docks, we build our own wood and aluminum roll in docks. We also carry a line of roller docks manufactured by Hewitt. If you have a gradual approach, a sandy or gravel bottom, and a place to store a long dock, this option will make install, removal, and adjustment much easier. Each roller dock has it’s own advantages, so we recommend visiting our showroom to learn which option is best for your application. See more details on the Roller Dock section of this website.


Great Northern Docks is the number one boat dock supply store in Northern New England. We have more dock planning expertise than any other dock sales outfit in Maine. Because we take the product from design through manufacturing, all the way to installation, we are vertically integrated. This has enabled us to constantly improve our products and services over the past 30 years. When choosing a dock provider, we encourage you to consider the quality of the product, the reputation of the service company, the stability of the company backing the warrantee, and the level of professionalism of the sales staff.When it comes to price, we are very competitive and we carry a wide enough product range to accommodate all budgets. When it comes to reputation, if you live in Southern Maine, we suggest you talk to a neighbor who has one of our docks. When it comes to stability, we’ve been building docks for 30 years, and are positioned as a strong, second generation family owned and business. When it comes to professionalism, our sales staff is the most knowledgeable in the application of residential docks and boat moorings in the Lake Region Area of Southern Maine. Our engineers are also experienced in the construction of large-scale commercial systems. We take a thoughtful, engineered approach to every dock system we design. We take accurate water depth measurements and survey bottom conditions to ensure your system will go in right. Many other companies stand on the shore and guess the water depth. Don’t be fooled by this approach. Water depths appear different depending on the clarity of the water, and these companies frequently under estimate deeper waters while missing critical details like bottom hardness and large boulders in the boating path.Insist on quality, demand excellent customer service.

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