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 “Portland Trails has been using Great Northern Docks hardware for years in our trail-building, and we’re extremely happy with the system. When we build our boardwalks through marshes or wetlands, and need to minimize our impact, the driven-pipe and bracket system from GND is a great way to keep the trail up and out of the resource, while providing access to our trail users. The brackets and other hardware are easy to use, and have held up extremely well over time, saving us time and money.” Jaime Parker Portland Trails


Kudos to the packaging and shipping department…nice job.  Received 3 systems yesterday…very clearly put together and packaged.  The systems themselves also look beautifully manufactured. JB E.L. Morse Lumber

20º Aluminum Swing Up Swim Ladder

Unsolicited testimonial on 20° Slanted Ladder Feather-LITE™/Wood Docks Fast shipping…EASY to install with great instructions, solid and secure and and easy to use.


20º Swim Ladder
20º Swim Ladder

Great ladder lots of positive comments on the ladder during our swim raft reconstruction THANKS for a quality product!


The new Orono Bog Boardwalk designed by Steve Merriam

As a member of the Management Committee of the Orono Bog Boardwalk I have been involved in supervising installation of the new composite sections that were supplied by Great Northern Docks. After some instruction from Steve Merriam our volunteers were able to put in and connect the units with relative ease.  We liked the flexibility of the product and believe it will require minimum  maintenance even after the winter freezing and thawing cycle. The ease in adjusting sections will enhance our ability to keep the walkway ADA compliant, which is one of our major goals. Comments from boardwalk users have been positive; we hope to continue replacing the old boardwalk in spring.

Jerry Longcore,

Management Committee volunteer



Neon Project in North Dakota (Click the photo to see a News Story that show thousands of feet of custom Dura-LITE™ Great Northern Docks)


Aluminum Stairs


I just wanted to thank you for your help.  I LOVE my dock stairs! I was nervous to order a big ticket item half the country away but your kind attitude and helpful answers gave me a sense of security.

So, all the way from Minnesota,  I send a shout out: “Yay for Seth! ”

Thanks again, Linda



Lakes Environmental Association

Great Northern Docks designed, built and installed an arched 40 foot aluminum bridge to access a town park we were helping to develop a few years ago.   The bridge is both beautiful and functional and has virtually no maintenance.   We were very pleased with the result.   We have worked with Great Northern Docks on many projects over the years, including remote floating boardwalks for nature trails and most recently on a custom designed utility pontoon for maintaining lake testing equipment.   They are extremely innovative and always provide a well done product.  We are lucky to have such a great asset nearby.

Peter Lowell,

Lakes Environmental Association,

Bridgton, Maine




Steve and the folks at Great Northern Docks/Naples, ME,


Thanks for helping load up the dock members last week at closing time.  Everything made it safely onto the island and is stacked up level until next spring.

We took our the old “Pearl Harbor” dock that failed this summer and plan to cut it up for scrap iron.  We only put in the 4′  x 16′ (ramp) section shown in pic for this fall because season is almost over.

I painted the red cedar modular wood insert panels Thompson’s Water Seal/Waterproofing Stain/Transparent/Woodland Cedar and that enhances the red color of the natural cedar.   ?

So, the plan is to car-wax the aluminum frames and refresh the cedar insert panels each fall with Thompson’s water seals.

The low watt LAKE LITE  LED pole-top solar lights shine all night. Neat!

It is good to see U of Maine graduates doing well in Maine, like you and others at GND. If you are in Limerick, ME stop by a micro-brewery run by U Maine 2008 graduates, called GNEISS (the owner was a geology major at U Maine, so he names his brews after geological events! )

Great Northern Docks is a memory factory, since all sorts of happy gatherings and their associated friendly memories occur in and along the water on your fabricated docks. My wife (RN) has seen many patients in their final hours and they consistently say some of their best memories in life were in or around water.

Jon from Shapleigh, ME



Just had my dock installed today. Great Northern Docks is a great company to do business with. It was a very pleasant experience. The New Zealander, Inc installers were excellent. I’m extremely happy with the entire process. Thank you!

Steve R. from Harrison ME