Looking for safe access to the water for swimming? Great Northern Docks Aluminum water stairs (or dock stairs) are the answer.

Stairs on a ledge to Passamaquoddy Bay / Bay of Fundy

One Piece modular landscape aluminum stairs up to 7 steps


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Open frame structure and porous treads let waves pass through. Thru Flow treads, made from fiberglass reinforced polypropylene, are textured to give you traction even when they are wet.
Treads are almost a full foot wide, with a 7″ rise, making them comfortable to climb. Optional side railings have a large comfortable rail for adults on top, and a smaller rail for children at the lower level. Stairs come standard at a 30° angle with 3ft wide treads, and are made to order by the number of treads you need from 2 steps to unlimited steps. The top sides can mount to a Great Northern Dock, a bulkhead, or most other docks with the included adjustable connector. The bottom side has short adjustable pipes and feet included. If possible, the pipes should be driven into the lake bottom. If not possible, the stairs can be weighted with sand bags on the feet, however, the aluminum unlike wood stairs will sink in water.

We offer a few different methods of supporting our stairs at the top.

  1. A vertical track at the top of all stairs on each side for the head of a 3/8″ carriage bolt. We use this for the ability to adjust the height of the 90º plates that mount on the bottom track of our 5″ Feather-LITE™ or 6″ Dura-LITE™ stationary dock frames.
  2. Optional Shore Mount Kit-The kit mounts to the vertical track atop the stairs and provides a pipe socket on each side for standing the stairs on our standard dock legs. The socket has set screws for height adjustment along with mounting pins for a small ramp that will provide an additional step on top and reach to the ground. The ramp can pivot on these pins while you adjust the height of your stairs.
  3. Tabs-Tabs mounts to the vertical track atop the stairs for bolting directly to the face of your existing dock, wall, deck, landing, etc.
  4. Swing Up Hinge– We have customers in tidal areas that want to swing their stairs up and drop them back down when in use. The swing up hinge bolts to the end of the dock, peir, bulkhead, etc. The connecting Pins can be taken out for removal or allow the stairs to be swung up.

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Sectional Water Stairs

The design is your stairs and railings made with sections of 1, 2 or 3 step segments. This concept is more forgiving if you have a change in the gravel level in your location or measure incorrectly when ordering. You also have the option of removing the bottom end of your stairs for winter ice movement. These sectional stair segments are easy to transport by hand into the location and they stack on a pallet for affordable shipping.

Popular Features


Modular stairs are easy to install in segments that can be lifted by hand.


Outdoor Stairs come apart for pallet shipping and portability.