Aluminum Dock Stairs

Looking for safe access to your dock or the water?

Our aluminum 3 foot wide stairs provide comfortable steps with a 7 inch rise, 12 inch run, a gradual 30º slope, anti-slip surface and optional hand rails.  Place on a bank to the shore with the optional Shore Mount Kit  (#9700) and a ramp that closes the gap between your path and the top tread. Stairs can be attached to the top of a sea-wall or attach to the side of a dock. Leveling legs at the bottom end are included. The stair treads are made with perforated decking, (fiberglass reinforced polypropylene) with a perforated surface that allows waves to break up through and its anti-slip texture feels good under your feet. Your stairs can be ordered by the number of treads required for your specific application.

To determine the number of steps for your stairs. measure the height from the top to the bottom in inches. take that number and divide it by the number 7. Take that number and subtract one. The answer is the number of steps you’ll need.

We step down from the dock onto our first step and this is why we ask you to subtract one.

when measuring for your stairs, remember that each step is 12″ away from your top platform. “For example” If you calculated 8 steps, you want to measure the height 8′ away from the platform. divide that number by our 7″ rise in each step and the answer should be close to 9
Locating the spot 8′ away from the platform can be done with a long straight board extended off the top of the platform with a level.
Our stairs are fixed at 30º so in some places a landing or ramp is needed to extend over and above before the stairs can pitch downward to the ground level.

We know this can be a challenge in many locations so don’t hesitate to call with your questions.

NEW Sectional Stair Design

The new design is your stairs and railings made with sections of 1, 2 or 3 step segments. This concept is more forgiving if you have a change in the gravel level in your location or measure incorrectly when ordering. You also have the option of removing the bottom end of your stairs for winter ice movement. These sectional stair segments are easy to transport by hand into the location and they stack on a pallet for affordable shipping.