Secure your watercraft to your dock with these cleat options!Dock Cleat

Great Northern Docks offers galvanized cleats, poly cleats, and folding cleats.

Folding cleats should be mounted under permanent decking with a backer board. If decking on your dock is removable, the portion supporting the cleat must be adequately screwed or bolted down. See one of our qualified sales representatives for specific instructions to your dock.

Poly cleats and 8″, 10″, and 12″ galvanized cleats can be through bolted to our DuraLITE and FeatherLITE aluminum dock frames.

For wood frame docks, we recommend the use of through bolts and a stiffener (pictured above). Stiffeners will tie the tugging forces into the frame of the dock instead of potentially ripping off a deck board.

6″ Cleats are not recommended for watercraft larger than kayaks, canoes, and rowboats, unless through bolts are used with a backer board to share the load over multiple deck boards.

Note: Lags or screws are not suggested for use on cleats except for kayaks, canoes and rowboats in protected areas.

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