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Great Northern Docks manufactures three standard grades of wood commercial docks and aluminum commercial docks with customization available:

Commercial Wood Floating Docks

  • GND Light Commercial Docks are built with PT 2×6 framing 24″o.c., 16″o.c. for synthetic decks. Includes; foam filled rotationally molded floatation, standard hinge plates for connecting and four 8″ reinforced cleats.
  • GND Standard Commercial Docks are built with PT 2×8 framing 24″o.c., 16″o.c. for synthetic decks. Includes; foam filled rotationally molded floatation, heavy duty hinge plates for connecting and four 10″ reinforced cleats.
  • GND Heavy Commercial Docks are built with PT double 2×10 exterior framing, and 2×10 interior framing 16″o.c. with synthetic decks. All framing intersections reinforced with galvanized steel. Includes; foam filled rotationally molded floatation, heavy duty hinge plates for connecting and four 10″ reinforced cleats.

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Commercial Docks

Standard decking choices include pressure treated 5/4×6, pressure treated 2×6, cedar 5/4×6, Lumberock 5/4×6, and Thru Flow (fiberglass reinforced polypropylene grating). All synthetic decking options get extra frame support on the underside to compensate for the structural differences of synthetic. Great Northern Docks is an innovator, developing new dock designs and products for over 33 years. Our products and designs make docks more stable, and longer lasting than our competition. The difference is most apparent when walking on narrow sections and fingers. On most other docks, narrow sections are tippy. Our docks use systems that stabilize the fingers so they are safer and more comfortable to walk on. Floatation – Choose from rotation molded PermaFloats filled with polystyrene foam, or our own patented rotation molded air filled Drag-On floats. Drag-On dock floats give you a place to run utilities without compromising the integrity of end stingers on your dock sections. They also are the only float that allows for skid attachment without piercing the air cavity.

Composition Decking and similar polymer deck products such as PVC and HDP (synthetic decking) have become popular as a low maintenance option that resembles the aesthetics of wood. It’s important to understand, unlike the deck on a house that uses multiple posts for support of the frame, wood frame floating docks supported by floatation, are subject to twisting and taking on a sag if not built to support the synthetic decking. Wood decking has its own fiber strength so that when nailed or screwed to the frame, it ties all the joists together and serves as bridging to prevent the frame from sagging in the middle. It actually contributes to the overall integrity of the floating dock frame adding torsion strength that reduces flex between diagonal corners caused by off centered loads or waves that roll through. Synthetic decking, on the other hand, typically has only enough strength to support the loads between the joists. Otherwise, it is like a blanket of weight lying over the wood frame. Wood, by nature in a frame, is influenced to bow or sag when pressure is applied; the synthetic deck “blanket” of weight is the pressure that causes the bow. And since the synthetic decking has little or no fiber strength, it provides minimal resistance to flex in the frame that if not corrected will cause instability for pedestrians. Great Northern Docks offers a synthetic deck option known as Lumber Rock TM, an HDP product that has no wood fiber and excellent resistance to changes from weather exposure. When we apply Lumber Rock or any synthetic decking, our wood frames are reinforced on the underside to stiffen the frame from sagging or bowing. In addition, we add a Torsion Bar down the center to prevent twisting. Though synthetic decking costs more than pressure treated wood decking the disparity in cost is more significant when applied to wood floating docks, explained by the added labor and materials required for a result that will last.

Commercial Aluminum Docks Use for boat slips at marinas, fuel docks, youth camp swim docks, catwalks, water pump platforms, wheel chair access, stairs into water and other special needs.

Commercial Camp DocksGreat Northern Docks is open all winter long and will manufacture your custom commercial dock and have it shipped to you. Our Arched Aluminum Tidal Ramps are made to order and due to the dedicated time and attention involved, they are only built in our off season (September – February). Commercial Dock Delivery

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