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Great Northern Docks offers Plastic, Aluminum or Wood Commercial Docks


Commercial Floating Docks

Depending on your specific commercial application, site conditions, importance of aesthetics and your budget, we’ve included three product categories for Commercial Floating Docks; traditional wood, aluminum and molded polyethylene. Whether for a marina, youth camp activities or municipal boat launch, take advantage of our knowledge and decades of experience to guide you into the most suitable dock system.

Traditional Wood

Great Northern Docks standard float sections are made with pressure treated (PT) Yellow Pine framing, along with a choice of deck surfaces such as PT, Cedar and synthetic. Use our standard construction or upgrade the framing and hardware sizes for more harsh conditions. Float connection specialty hardware and fasteners are typically hot dip galvanized steel while the flotation is environmentally friendly polyethylene. Professional design service and consulting is available.



Our Dura-lite ™ aluminum floating docks provide a long lasting clean look with minimal maintenance. The aluminum is 6000 series T-6 structural marine grade. The main frame tubular dimension height is 6” ample torsional strength. Decking options, many of which are made into removable panels, include Cedar, synthetic plank and synthetic perforated. Floatation is environmentally friendly polyethylene. Professional design service and consulting is available.


Molded Polyethylene

The MPD ™, a modular molded polyethylene dock is your “building block” system for optimal versatility. If you’d like to change your dock configuration from time to time, this one is for you.  Available in two standard heights, the MPD comes in 10”, ideal for swimmers and paddlers, and the 18”, ideal for most power boats. The MPD is rotationally molded for maximum durability yet light weight enough for hand portability and rearrangement. While friendly to boat hulls, it is extremely stable for pedestrians. It has a tremendous load capacity since its entire structure is flotation from top to bottom. Professional design service and consulting is available.

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Aluminum Dock or Wood Dock Floatation with optional hemlock skids (3′ Drag-On Floats) (4′ Drag-On Floats)

Ramps & Railings (Available with our dock systems)

Dock Hardware & Accessories for Wood Commercial Docks

Commercial Wood Dock Photo Gallery


Commercial Aluminum Docks Use for boat slips at marinas, fuel docks, youth camp swim docks, catwalks, water pump platforms, wheel chair access, stairs into water and other special needs.

Commercial Camp Docks

Commercial Plastic Docks

What are MPDs?

MPD stands for Molded Plastic Dock and that is exactly what they are. They come in an aesthetically pleasing marine gray color with a wood grain pattern.

MPD offers an array of applications to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a boat dock, swim raft, a seaplane dock or something else entirely MPD has a solution for you. MPDs come in several sizes and shapes making the possible configurations virtually endless.

MPDs are amazingly simple to install and can be easily reconfigured to suit your changing needs or tastes


A lifelong waterfront enthusiast and career plastics engineer turned out to be just the right person to create an innovative dock for all who work and play on the water. Molded Plastic Docks (MPDs) deliver the latest in plastic molding technology and American ingenuity to meet an ever-increasing demand for affordable, low maintenance, and stable floating docks. MPDs use a rotational molding technique to make hand portable sized “building blocks” that lock together on the water. MPDs are incredibly sturdy, yet each block is light enough to be shipped via UPS delivery right to your door. Most assemblies can be done with basic hand tools and are easily rearranged as your configuration needs change. Available in two standard heights, the MPD-10″ and the MPD-18″, enables you to accommodate smaller paddle and sail boats along with larger power vessels. MPDs are the dock of the future and the future has arrived. Give us a call to begin planning your MPD today.


Why Choose the MPD?

With the variety of products on the market you may wonder why choose MPD? There are many key benefits that make MPD THE superior choice:


  • 20-year manufacturer warranty
  • Easily transportable and shippable
  • Unparalleled stability
  • Rotational molding makes MPD much firmer to walk on than blow-molded docks.
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Over 80lbs/square foot of buoyancy
  • Lighter weight than most competitive products
  • Hull Friendly
  • Freeboard of either 8″ or 16″
  • Low draft reduces drag in currents
  • Easy to reconfigure.

Minimum outer wall thickness of ¼”; the thickest in the industry.


Common Commercial Dock Configurations

Great Northern Docks is open all winter long and will manufacture your custom commercial dock and have it shipped to you. Our Arched Aluminum Tidal Ramps are made to order and due to the dedicated time and attention involved, they are only built in our off season (September – February).

Commercial Dock Delivery

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