Bumpers help protect your dock and your watercraft!

Great Northern Docks provides a wide selection of bumpers to tackle common problems on your waterfront. In conjunction with fenders, use dock bumpers as a last line of defense to keep your beautiful boat from damage against the dock!

Choose from horizontal or vertical bumpers and a variety of edge protection.

Instructions for Vertical Snapon Bumper | Instructions for Half Round Bumpers Feather-LITE™ Frame

Boat fenders, or boat bumpers are also available for a softer buffer between the boat and the dock. This style of bumper is critical for reducing friction between boat and dock, and are an ideal preliminary line of defense for your boat. We offer multiple sizes and colors.

Dura-LITE™ docks offer Snap On vertical or horizontal 36″ polyethylene bumpers, as well as adjustable post mount bumpers.

Our 36″ Guardian bumpers are available for mounting on any of our docks. Drill and through bolt to mount on any wood docks, Dura-LITE™ docks, or Feather-LITE™ docks manufactured prior to 2012. For Feather-LITE™ docks made in 2012 or later, use the center track with slot mounting hardware.

Corner bumpers can be screwed to Dura-LITE™ docks or wood docks. These are not recommended for Feather-LITE™ docks. Use a corner wheel bumper or extend regular horizontal bumpers to the corners on Feather-LITE™ docks.

Wood post bumpers are an affordable solution to protecting your boat while maintaining a rustic appearance. These are available with pressure treated or red cedar lumber, and in 36″ or 46″ lengths.

Plastic post bumpers (pipe mount) are our most popular choice for protecting boats and docks on any of our pipe leg docks: Dura-LITE™, Feather-LITE™, or wood docks. Our unique post bumpers offer two forms of adjustment, on the pole, or on the back track. This affords you more protection range for fluctuating water depths.

Edge Guard and C-shape fenders are an affordable way to protect wood docks. Simply nail on with stainless steel or galvanized ring shank roofing nails every 6-8″ on top and bottom. Note: Edgeguard does not work with overlap decking where boards extend beyond the outsides of the frame. For attaching to aluminum docks, we suggest self drilling tek screws. Since the life of an aluminum dock is longer than edgeguard, more permanent bumpers are recommended.

Torpedo post bumpers are an affordable bumper option to cover the hardware area of a stationary pipe dock. They slip down over the post and wrap the hardware. These can also be used on outside corners of Dura-LITE™ and Feather-LITE™ docks, but they will not fit the broad flat side of our aluminum docks as the poles are internal to the frame.

Wheel bumpers are available for pole mount, wood corner mount, and wood face mount. These are ideal for problem spots where you need your boat to bump and roll. The impact zone for this type of bumper is above the dock surface, not below.