Aluminum Dock Catalog

With over 40 years of dock manufacturing experience in the USA, we proudly present our own aluminum dock brands.

Scroll below to learn about our own Dura-LITE™ brand, available in either a stationary or a floating option and a choice of select decking surfaces. The Dura-LITE™ is made with our premier marine grade aluminum frame, a robust tubular design, made for rough residential service including many commercial or public applications.

Below our Dura-LITE™ brand, find our Feather-LITE™ brand that has a lighter frame for smaller bodies of water and smaller boats, yet made more rugged than other brands in its class. This brand is exclusively available as a stationary dock.

Along with each brand, you may view photo galleries, videos,  specifications, and accessories.

Dura-LITE™ Stationary Docks

The Dura-LITE™ aluminum dock design combines form with function in one of the strongest aluminum dock frames available in the market.

Everything about the Dura-LITE™ is designed to be easy, low maintenance, strong, and more attractive. With an 85lb (4×10) frame, and the option of removable deck panels for most of our decking products, installation is possible with one or two people. This is our premium dock for use in medium to large water bodies

Feather-LITE™ Stationary Docks

Made in Maine by Great Northern Docks, Feather-LITE™ aluminum docks combine light weight, and ease of assembly with affordability, while maintaining the high quality standard Great Northern Docks is famous for.

The Feather-LITE™ dock is ideal for most small water bodies where light boats are used, such as pontoon boats, aluminum boats, and smaller fiberglass watercraft. While classified as our lightest weight dock, the Feather-LITE™ is still stronger than most aluminum docks on the market. This is possible through use of a 5″ tubular frame, which offers superior strength against vertical load and twisting. This stands in contrast to most other aluminum docks built with channel or trusses,

Dura-LITE™ Floating Docks

Dura-LITE™ floating aluminum docks display Maine’s finest craftsmanship in the metal trades. The sleek lines of the frame are complimented by your choice of decking. Options like natural red cedar or synthetic add a unique elegance to your waterfront.

Aluminum Stairs

Dura-LITE™ Swim Rafts

Aluminum Dock Brands