Premium Grade - DuraLITE Aluminum Docks

The DuraLITE™ aluminum dock design combines form with function in one of the strongest aluminum dock frames available in the market.


Everything about the DuraLITE™ is designed to be easy, low maintenance, strong, and more attractive. With an 85lb (4×10) frame, and removable deck panels, installation could be done by one or two people. This is our premium dock for use in medium to large water bodies, or for bigger recreational boats. With clean 6” sides and a heavy duty anti-slip reveal on the top edges, aluminum frames the picture of your choice, rustic or modern decking. We offer choices of cedar, solid board HDPE lumber, fiberglass reinforced decking, or we can customize your own decking product to match your home.

DuraLITE™ aluminum docks are available in both floating and stationary configurations, including roller docks. DuraLITE™ docks are designed to be temporary, but are suitable for use as permanent structure if ice is not present and local building codes permit.

Made in Maine for the harsh conditions of big lakes, the DuraLITE™ superior strength comes from heavy duty 6″ tubular frames, offering maximum resistance to flexing from vertical load and twisting forces. Compare this to channel and truss frame style docks which have very little resistance to twisting forces.

Adding sections to stationary DuraLITE™ docks is a snap with our snap-on connector J brackets. While our philosophy of dock design dictates that some basic tools should be required for assembly to avoid tampering, we want you to spend less time installing your dock, and more time enjoying it. Snap-on J connectors let you add sections anywhere you want. If you decide to reconfigure your dock, J connectors can be pried loose with a large flat screwdriver, and re-used in the new location. Stationary sizes include: 4’x10’, 4’x12’, 4’x16’, 6’x8’, and 6’x10’. Custom sizes are available.

The simplicity of adding on continues with more snap on accessories, including vertical and horizontal bumpers, benches, ladders, railings, and mooring whips. These snap-on accessories secure to small linear tracks on the top and bottom of the dock frame. The thin hook shape groove, hardly noticeable from the top edge, is uniquely designed to secure accessories, while remaining too small to capture large pieces of decaying debris.

DuraLITE™ docks are uniquely designed with a proven system to hold removable composite decking panels flat, without compromising the ease of removal. Framing is standard at 16″O.C. to accommodate almost any composite. With over 60 composite products on the market, we understand the behaviors and potential for curling. Some want to curl up, some curl down. We have a latching system for each type to ensure your panels remain flat for the lifetime of your decking. Hidden fasteners hold decking from the underside, so you can enjoy a cleaner look on the top side.

DuraLITE™ stationary docks employ the use of rugged 1-1/2″ SCH. 40 galvanized or aluminum pipe for legs. This keeps cost down, and pipe allows the installer to drive the legs into the lake bed, which secures the dock and makes it more suitable for tying boats. The basic frame has all the bracing you need to take you up to 3-4ft of water depth. In 4-8ft of water, we recommend using either our aluminum dock stanchions or braces to increase strength and stability. In water deeper than 8’, consult one of our professionals for advice, as a floating configuration may be more suitable. DuraLITE™ docks can also be set up to stand on feet for temporary tie-up, general recreation, or use of kayaks, canoes and rowboats. If tie-up of large watercrafts is desired, but driving pipe is not possible, consult one of our professionals for advice on other anchoring methods.

Accessories for DuraLITE™ aluminum docks include benches, ladders, landscape stairs, boarding steps, bumpers, 8” or 10” tie-down cleats, mooring whips, solar lights, dog steps, dock boxes, railings, and stairs into water.

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