Aluminum Docks
Made in Maine by Great Northern Docks, FeatherLITE aluminum docks are designed to combine light weight, and ease of assembly with affordability, while maintaining the high quality standard Great Northern Docks is famous for.

The FeatherLITE dock is ideal for most small water bodies where light boats are used, such as pontoon boats, aluminum boats, and smaller fiberglass watercraft. While classified as our lightest weight dock, the FeatherLITE is still stronger than most aluminum docks on the market, with a 5″ tubular frame, which offers superior strength against vertical load and twisting. This stands in contrast to most other aluminum docks built with channel or trusses, which do not offer much torsional strength, and are more prone to damage from handling and from bumping. Framing also includes decking support every 16″, compared to the industry norm of 24″ spacing.

FeatherLITE stationary Aluminum Docks employ the use of rugged 1-½” schedule 40 galvanized or aluminum pipe for legs. This keeps cost down, and pipe allows the installer to drive the legs into the lake bed, which secures the dock and makes it more suitable for tying boats. The basic frame has all the bracing you need to take you up to 3-4ft of water depth. In 4-8ft of water, we recommend using either our aluminum dock stanchions or braces to increase strength and stability.

FeatherLITE docks can also be set up to stand on feet for temporary tie-up, general recreation, or use of kayaks, canoes and rowboats. Adding sections is a snap with our snap-on J connector brackets. FeatherLITE docks are available with a choice of Cedar or Thru Flow (fiberglass reinforced polypropylene) decking. Decking panels are removable, allowing the user to easily carry the 65lb empty frame (4×10). This is especially advantageous in environments where repeated removal and re-installation is required. Our convenient deck latches are designed to hold deck panels firmly in place in the frame, or quickly release the panels for removal. FeatherLITE docks are also available in a knock down size of 4’x5′ dock halves for pallet shipment, practically anywhere in the continental U.S. These dock halves splice together in minutes to make complete 4×10 dock sections. New in 2012!

FeatherLITE docks make accessory attachment easier with a linear track on each face, and a ridge for securing tie-down cleats. Attach horizontal bumpers with only a phillips screw driver. Accessories for the FeatherLITE product line include, benches, ladders, landscape stairs, boarding steps, bumpers, mooring whips, cleats, solar lights, and stairs into water.

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Guardian Bumper to FeatherLITE Aluminum Frame Bolt Kit #9228


Three Truss Head Bolts Stainless Steel one 3/8 Galvanized Washer, one Stainless Steel 3/8 Track Nut

Here is a helpful TIP for attachment. Warm up the Bumper in the sun or another heat source before mounting. When vinyl is cool, it is less pliable.

Dock Bumper "Guardian" #2254G


Universal Dock Bumper Mounts to docks for vertical or horizontal use.

  • Slightly rounded on the back side for mounting to pilings or covering dock hardware.
  • 3 bolt hole locations or 6 screw locations (use fender washers)
  • Secondary rib structure for double protection.
  • Soft vinyl with air pocket for soft and puffy protection.
  • 6.5″ wide, 36″ long, 3.5″ thick.
  • Tapered ends to prevent boats and ropes from catching the end of the bumper.
  • Mounts to the track on Great Northern Docks FeatherLITE docks for horizontal use.
  • Available in a snap on version for Great Northern Docks DuraLITE Docks for horizontal use.
  • Available on an adjustable pipe bracket for 1.5″ schedule 40 Pipe legs.

Soft Dock Bumper for Boats 36" Half Round
Soft Gray Bumper for Horizontal or vertical use.

Dock Bumper to attach to pilings or dockside. Bumper mounts vertical or horizontal. Tapered ends allow dock lines to slip over. Great bumper for boats and PWC docking. 36″ dock bumper.