Made with the same quality standards as the Dura-LITE™, the Feather-LITE™ is more portable with it’s lighter frame.

This swim raft includes perforated decking or removable cedar decking (in panels), rotation molded HDPE flotation and an anchor chain attachment plate on the underside of the swim platform. The aluminum swing-up ladder is sold separately, your choice shown here below.

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Size | Frame Wieight | Part #
8’x8’ | 117 lb | 9620DLT (Perforated)
8’x8’ | 117 lb | 9620DLC (Cedar)

Float weight without decking: 217 lb
Float weight with ThruFlow: 313 lb
15 year limited warranty on the aluminum frame

Feather-LITE™ Swim Raft Ladder Choices

Dock Ladders for Feather-LITE™ Docks
20º Slanted Swim Ladder

Straight Ladder
Vertical Swim Ladder



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