Floating Dock Hardware

Great Northern Docks manufactures our own line of residential / light commercial floating dock hardware. It is ideal for floating docks built from 2×6 or 2×8 wood frame construction. We have a variety of connectors, hinged, or rigid, for many possible configurations.

  • For heavier framing or heavy commercial docks, please see our commercial dock section of this website.
  • Smaller dock sections with lighter framing are ideal for floating systems that need to be removed seasonally, especially when they need to be hand carried. Hinge connections (articulating) are recommended to relieve stress from wave motion. However, in calm waters, a rigid float connector kit can be used to connect up to three sections together rigidly. This will provide more stability and less motion.
  • We recommend wherever possible to make connections at the corners of your dock where the forces can be directly transmitted into the longer side stringers, instead of the headers which are more prone to cracking. It is best to use a reinforced style hinge plate, or a corner iron in conjunction with the hinge.
  • When turning a corner on a T or L shaped dock, the T-hinge or Short-L hinge plate should be used together with corner irons at adjacent joints. It is best to reinforce all joints all the way across the dock section adjacent to T or L connections with corner irons.
  • Long-L Hinge plates are used where ramps or gangways connect on top of floating dock sections.
  • All hardware uses 3/8″ diameter carriage bolts, 2-1/2″ long when mounted to single 2x lumber. Interior dock hardware typically uses the carriage heads on the outside of the wood frame with the hex nuts on the inside. Exterior mounted hardware has square holes for carriage bolts.
  • For dock floatation, please visit our Dock Floatation Page under Dock Hardware.


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