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COVID-19 Response by Great Northern Docks Management

Although customers are not allowed in our store, we are offering curbside pickup for parts and dock systems can be ordered remotely. Details Here

COVID-19 Response by Great Northern Docks Management

Your health and safety is our top priority. To win your confidence, we want to inform you on how Great Northern Docks has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, you can learn about the actions we have taken as recommended by the CDC.

1. Currently, customers and vendors, by order of the Governor, are prohibited from entering our store.

2. We are offering curbside pickup service to help customers purchase parts without the personal contact. Orders can be placed on our curbside pickup portal or phoned in.

3. As always, we offer shipping of parts orders via UPS.

4. Employees who develop any symptom of an illness, though it may not be related to COVID-19 will stay home and not return to work until 14 days have passed since the date of their last symptom.

5. Professional cleaners return daily to sanitize “high touch” surfaces.

6. Employees have been directed to “wipe in, wipe out”, sanitize “high touch” surfaces in bathrooms before and after using. Surfaces include door-knob, light switch, sink faucet handles, flush lever and toilet seat.

7. Social distancing of 10 feet is maintained among employees.

8. A large plexiglass shield has been installed at the point of sale counter.

9. Frequently used door-knobs are sanitized 4-5 times throughout the day.

10. Interior doors are left open to eliminate “high touch” surfaces.

11. Employees are being urged to practice social distancing and exceptional hygiene both in and outside work.

12. Employees who work in the same room are typically kept 15 feet apart or more, are not sharing work-spaces and in most cases are not sharing equipment.

13. Forklift seats and controls are sanitized before and after employee use.

14. The use of the employee break room and all communal fixtures such as the water-cooler, furniture and kitchen appliances has been suspended until further notice. Employees are cooperating with social distancing during breaks.