Modular plastic docks (MPD) are rotation molded polyethylene. These floats are gray in color and are air filled flotation. The entire dock system is flotation made up of these individual air chambers. MPDs support a load of 90 lbs per square foot.
MPD connectors slide up from the bottom locking them together. These connectors have threaded holes to receive the stainless bolts from above that hold them in place.
The fasteners also are used to attach the accessories like bumpers, ladders and cleats.
MPD connectors come in different shapes for joining along the outside edge, outside corners, inside grouping and step down for connecting the 18″ tall to the 10″ tall.
MPD’s are easy to connect and because they can be taken apart, one person could install the entire system alone.
The 18″ Tall MPDs have cylinders through them for containing conduit.


24″x24″x18″ MPD 24″x24″x10″ MPD

1/4″ Minimum Wall Thickness