Here at Great Northern Docks, we often suggest using mooring whips to keep your boat held off the dock. The boat may bump the dock on occasion but the whips prevent constant bumping. Spring lines are used to keep the boat in line with the dock so the whips remain perpendicular to the edge. Holding the boat off the edge of the dock will protect both the dock and the boat.

Although whips do come with their own base for mounting to the decking, we make a base (Goose Neck Whip Brackets) that can attach to the side of our docks to work as an alternative base for the whips we sell.

Goose Neck Whip Bracket Advantages :


  • Height adjustable to allow taller boats beneath
  • No deck space interference
  • Decking can still be removed
  • Frame is a much stronger place to mount whips
  • Snaps on to our Dura-LITE™ frames
  • Bolts to our wood and Feather-LITE™ docks
  • Guardian post bumpers can be attached for more protection.