MPD Accessories

No MPD dock is complete without accessories, and Great Northern Docks has mastered the art of creating quality accessories that improve dock function in creative ways.

20º Swim Ladder

Uses existing holes in MPD blocks.
Marine Grade Aluminum.
Non-slip 3″ wide ladder rung.
Swings up on deck for dry storage.
Easy to climb and durable.

Swim Lane Turn Boards

Marine Grade Aluminum Frames.
Uses existing holes in MPD blocks.
Perforated decking.

Tie Up Cleats

Uses existing holes in MPD blocks.
Made from quality cast aluminum.

Vertical Guardian Bumper and Bracket

  • Uses existing holes in MPD blocks.
  • 36″ Guardian Boat Dock Bumper.
  • Marine Grade Aluminum Bracket.
  • Protects boats, planes and the dock.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Port

The PWC port is made with the 10″ Blocks. the 2’x2′ blocks can be ordered with a flat deck surface or with the “V” notch in the middle.
The “V” notch has a flat space in the bottom wide enough for you to step when pushing your PWC into the water.

  • Rotation Molded Polyethylene
  • Middle flexes down when riding up.
  • Join multiple PWC ports together
  • Join to more MPDs or other docks.
  • Each block is its own thick air tight chamber

Canoe Boarding Area

The 18″ tall MPDs have connectors that join the 10″ connector for a low platform to the water.

  • Clearance above deck for oars and paddles
  • Polyethylene is less likely to scratch your boat
  • Low deck is ideal for canoes, kayaks, rowing shells and other small boats


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