20º Swim Ladder

  • Uses existing holes in MPD blocks
  • Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Non-slip 3″ wide ladder rung.
  • Swings up on deck for dry storage
  • Easy to climb
  • Durable

    Swim Lane Turn Boards

  • Marine Grade Aluminum Frames
  • Uses existing holes in MPD blocks
  • Perforated decking

    Tie Up Cleats

  • Uses existing holes in MPD blocks
  • Cast Aluminum

Vertical Guardian Bumper and Bracket

  • Uses existing holes in MPD blocks
  • 36″ Guardian Boat Dock Bumper
  • Marine Grade Aluminum Bracket
  • Protects boats, planes and the dock


    PWC Port

The PWC port is made with the 10″ Blocks. the 2’x2′ blocks can be ordered with a flat deck surface or with the “V” notch in the middle.
The “V” notch has a flat space in the bottom wide enough for you to step when pushing your PWC into the water.

  • Rotation Molded Polyethylene
  • Middle flexes down when riding up.
  • Join multiple PWC ports together
  • Join to more MPDs or other docks.
  • Each block is its own thick air tight chamber

Canoe Boarding area

The 18″ tall MPDs have connectors that join the 10″ connector for a low platform to the water.

  • Clearance above deck for oars and paddles
  • Polyethylene is less likely to scratch your boat
  • Low deck is ideal for canoes, kayaks, rowing shells and other small boats


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