Modular Plastic Docks

Ramps & Anchoring

Ramps or Ramp Stabilizer Arms can be attached to secure the shore end of the MPD Floating Dock. The outer end of any floating dock may be large, holding heavy boats and planes or combatting currents, and as such may require significant anchoring. Chain-Fall Connectors and Shore Arm Brackets can be added to the MPDs for securing anchor chains and ramp stabilizer arms. The chain fall connector can also be used to drive a pipe through in calm shallow areas.

When water is too deep for poles, anchor chains can be used. Great Northern Docks has experience anchoring large systems in high wind with helical anchors or concrete blocks. The MPDs can flex in hard chop allowing the stress to be relieved throughout the system. Ramps can be rested on top of the MPDs or bolted to the side using our ramp hinge.