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Make land accessible for all with Great Northern Docks aluminum trail bridges. Comprised of either Dura-LITE™ or Feather-LITE™ standard sections, the lightweight components can easily be carried deep into the forest or wetlands to be assembled with simple hand tools. Heavy equipment that would scar the natural landscape is not necessary for installation. Sections simply stand on pipe legs with feet that prevent settling. For areas that are restricted from use of chemically treated lumber, the aluminum frame and solid board HDPE decking (all recyclable material) provide a practical alternative that requires little or no maintenance. Sections are fully adjustable to follow slopes, nestle into the landscape or span across ditches, streams and open water. Railings can be attached for added safety, and facia board can be applied to the outside of the frame for aesthetics. Joints between standard sections can be slightly angled to follow wide curves on the trail. Custom angled sections can be ordered for sudden turns in your walkway that may be required. Planning a trail bridge is the first step to getting everyone, young and old, into nature. Make your next trail bridge one that will last for generations to enjoy.

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Custom Aluminum Framed Modular Boardwalks

Photo gallery of wood framed walkways built with our DIY hardware

The following organizations have above ground walkways made with our products

Town of Poland Maine

Arched Modular Bridge at Waterhouse Brook Poland Maine

Poland Conservation Trails

The Butler Foundation

Arched Modular Bridge at Shin Brook Falls Maine

The Orono Bog Boardwalk

Orono Bog Boardwalk Facebook

L.E.A. Custom arched aluminum foot bridge by Great Northern Docks spans 40′ over the Willett Brook in Pondicherry Park.

(Lake Environmental Association)

National Ecological Observation Network


A controlled burn beside the aluminum boardwalk

Sycamore Land Trust

Sycamore Land Trust Facebook