If you have ever tried to lift a plastic raft, you probably know they are very large and heavy. Now with the ability to lug them in small pieces makes it possible to handle easily alone for installation or removal of your float. These plastic squares are made thick with rotation molded polyethylene. The advantages of connectable chambers allows you to replace parts if punctured without replacing the entire raft and if punctured the entire raft will not sink and fill with tons of water making it impossible to haul away. There is no foam to absorb water so if a damage occurred which is rare, water would drain out instantly and the damaged float can be recycled.

Polyethylene is a very strong plastic that we have used on our Drag-on Floats for over 30 years and even today, the old floats are still in use. No splinters or rotting, stable in the water and no maintenance.

New plastic Dock Squares

Connectable Plastic Dock Squares

  • Shippable
  • Portable
  • Rugged
  • Safe
  • Fun

Build a PWC Port with portable pieces.

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