18 inch Tall MPD – Building Block Size Solutions for Big Boats

10 inch Tall MPD – Building Block Size solutions for swim platforms and Small Boats

Modular Plastic Docks (MPDs) deliver the latest in plastic molding technology and American ingenuity to meet an ever-increasing demand for affordable, low maintenance, and stable floating docks. MPDs use a rotational molding technique to make hand portable sized “building blocks” that lock together on the water. They are incredibly sturdy, yet each block is light enough for parcel shipping to your door. Most assemblies can be done with basic hand tools and are easily rearranged as your configuration needs change. Available in two standard heights, the MPD-10 inch that is ideal for swim platforms and small boats such as kayaks and shells, while the MPD-18”, is popular for larger vessels. MPDs are the dock of the future and the future has arrived. Give us a call to begin planning your MPD today.

Why Choose MPDs?

With the variety of products on the market you may wonder why choose MPD?

There are many key benefits that make MPD THE superior choice:

• 20-year manufacturer warranty

• Easy speedy & stable

• Rotational molding makes MPD much firmer to walk on than blow-molded docks.

• Minimal maintenance

• Over 80lbs/square foot of buoyancy

• Lighter weight than most competitive products

• Hull Friendly

• Freeboard of either 8” or 16”

• Low draft reduces drag in currents

• Easy to reconfigure.

• Minimum outer wall thickness of ¼”; the thickest in the industry.


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We make components to attach to the edges such as bumpers, ladders and hinging ramps (Accessories shown below).

Popular Features


MPD 2’x2′ blocks are the smallest and easiest to assemble.

Kid Friendly

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Swim Raft MPD

PWC Drive on MPD


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