Boarding Step 5′ for Stationary Docks #9750W


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This platform can be mounted to the side of your stationary dock. The Pipe brackets support the pipes to the dock and the boarding step goes beneath them. These vertical pipes should be driven into the ground for stability.

Incledes two pipe brackets, two cleats and two
safety caps. The vertical pipes that go to the ground are
not included.

The 5′ Aluminum Framed Boarding Step includes 2 welded pipe sockets with set screws for 1.5″ schedule 40 galvanized pipe, 2 corner bumpers, edge guard bumper strip along the face, 2 nylon cleats, and perforated decking to allow waves to roll through.

Two of the brackets shown below are used to attach the vertical pipes to your stationary dock. The vertical pipes need to be driven into the ground and parallel for the boarding step to be mounted on them. Pipes are not included but is standard 1.5″ schedule 40 galvanized pipe found at most hardware or plumbing stores. The pipes can be driven with a driving cap or super driving cap and sledge hammer unto the ground below the dock. Use Safety caps or solar lights to cover the top ends of the pipes. If the pipes are sinking too deep, you can install pipe feet where the pipes meet the ground.


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Weight45 lbs
Dimensions69 × 20 × 7 in