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In a marina, you have boat slips. The docks between boats are called finger docks. These dock sections are often very twisty at the end. If they are made out of wood, the boards flex enough to allow them to twist. The solution is here… A pipe does not twist. Using two of these brackets you can install 1.5″ schedule 40 galvanized pipe to run above your floatation and below your decking. This socket gets bolted to each end of the finger dock and the three set screws tighten into the pipe. Now when you walk out to the end of the finger, you will not see any twisting.

We have been using torsion bars for over 30 years. We just came out with these torsion bar sockets a few years ago because they are much easier to ship than the entire length of pipe. Now anyone can buy a pipe and build their own torsion bar.

Here is a Framing Plan of a finger dock that uses a Torsion Bar.

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