Aluminum Floating Dock Rigid Ramps

Rigid Ramp Frame

Ramps are a necessary component to transition between a fixed point such as a sea wall or fixed pier. If the ramp is used to stand the floating dock off the fixed point, then it should be reinforced with diagonal support. The Rigid Ramp here, with decking removed, clearly shows the X-Brace reinforcement.

Dura-LITE™ floating docks are designed for both residential and commercial applications. Waterfront owners, marina and campground personnel appreciate its tubular frame that provides torsional strength to resist twisting and fatigue. They also appreciate its ease of portability, set-up, low maintenance, attractive looks and overall added value it brings to their waterfront.

Rigid Ramps “Aluminum”

Part Number
4’ X 12’
126 lb
4’ X 16’
157 lb
6’ X 12’
163 lb

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