Our Dura-LITE™ economy roller dock uses an axle, which allows for up to 4″ of left to right leveling compensation. Once in position, the axle can be loosened and the pipes can be driven into the soil for perfect leveling and a more secure footing. The economy roller kit is also available for use on a wood roller dock.

Our premium roller dock uses a stainless steel ACME thread for easy adjusting and independent left to right leveling. Many other roller docks use zink plated steel ACME threads which rust, or stainless regular threads which frequently seize. Stainless steel ACME threads with Brass threaded inserts provide a reliable, debris repelling and corrosion resistant mechanism for years of reliable use. Our unique design incorporates a bumper on the outboard side. This bumper is removable to access the interior mechanisms. Premium wheel legs do not occupy the corner sockets of your dock. This leaves them open for driving pipe to better secure your dock. We recommend this if you will be tying a boat larger than a canoe or rowboat, except in very calm waters.

Our giant piano hinge allows you to connect two or more sections for train style towing in and out. We also offer trailer hitch connections for any of these roller docks.

Our 24″ diameter rotomolded dock wheels are durable and corrosion resistant. Each wheel is rated for a 700lb load. Wheels have holes for drainage in and out quickly when it is time to install or remove.