If you have a gradual slope and firm lake bottom, rolling docks make installation and removal a breeze. The ideal sizes for portability are the 4×16 sections and some with optional removable decking. One to two sections joined together can usually be moved by hand. Sections join together with a hinge shown below or standard J-Brackets. If desired, sections can be separated at the hinge.
Our basic units come with two 5 foot legs per section and a wheel kit. The 24” wheels are made of tough polyethylene and have drain holes that allow them to sink. Longer dock legs and braces are available if necessary.

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Choose from our Dura-LITE™ basic roller for economy, or our Dura-LITE™ premium roller dock for easy leveling by drill or socket wrench.

Dura-LITE™ roller docks are the highest quality and among the easiest to install.

Our removable decking (Cedar or Synthetic) is optional. This lets you get most of the weight off the dock for transportation. This feature is critical if you have a wall or rip-wrap to get over before effective rolling can begin. Most other roller docks are too heavy to manually lift.

Our heavy duty tubular frame is stronger and more resistant to twisting forces than truss frame roller docks. The tubular construction is also more durable to handle, as truss frames are prone to bending at the toothpick size components that make up the truss.


Sand And Gravel Bottom: A rolling dock should only be used where it can roll without sinking into mud.

Gradual Slope: A gentle slope will be easier to guide the rolling dock in and out.

Changing Water Levels: On lakes that lower throughout the summer monts, the rolling dock can be pushed out into deeper water as necessary.

Rock Free: Rolling docks handle best when the shoreline is free of sudden drop offs or large irregular rock piles.


Roller Dock Pictures

Wheel Kit Instructions


Optional Piano Hinge Connector #9450
4’3” X 16’5” #9440T


4’3” X 33’ #9441T

Clearance: There should be enough room up on the shore to accommodate the rolling dock when it is pulled back for the winter. Areas with dense woods can make handling difficult.

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