New Hook & Lock Dock Brace

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Below: Corner Sockets and J Bracket pair (for pipe leg support and joining sections)

Below: wood dock sections and Corner Socket layout


Below: X-Braces and Corner Braces shown beneath dock system. (See video above)


Stationary Dock Hardware

  • Pipe leg docks are the ideal docking solution for temporary docks in water less than eight feet deep. They are stable, lighter weight, and easy to store. They are strong enough to use as a permanent dock where ice is not present and where permitting allows. They offer infinite adjustment with set screws, which can be helpful in waters that fluctuate, or on soil that is soft where settling can be problematic.
  • You can purchase complete dock sections from us, or use our dock plans to build your own.
  • Basic constructions methods can utilize the New Hook & Lock Braces for support, or simple pipe brackets in conjunction with clamp on braces. Brackets and braces offer a lower cost, while Hook & Lock Braces provide more stability, easier installation, and they help to hold your pipe legs straighter. Hook & Lock Braces will put the braces on the dock after installation and you do not have to dive to tighten bolts underwater, also leaving fewer things to assemble and take apart on annual installs and removals.
  • For straight docks use pipe to pipe (regular) X Braces. When turning a corner to make a T or L shaped dock, we recommend the use of corner braces. Corner Dock Braces let you brace your dock in two directions and will allow you to chose which side of a corner the pipe leg is on. This is important as you may need to butt two sections together where a pipe leg would otherwise be.
  • Corner braces or additional longitude bracing is also suggested for the end of a stationary pier where you will be attaching a floating ramp or gangway. The extra bracing will resist the forces exerted by the floating dock.
  • Accessories that can be added to a stationary pipe dock include: benches, ladders, mooring whips, dock tie-down cleats, bumpers, edge guard, wood post covers, landscape stairs, water stairs, and solar dock lights.

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