New Hook & Lock Braces coming for the 2016 season.


We still stock the braces, clamps and pipe brackets as before. See below.

The dock section starting at the shore end will have 4 adjustable legs and each additional section will rest on the J-Brackets and have 2 or three legs for the outer end. The J-Bracket is a hook that mounts on the inside corner of the previous section. J-Brackets are made in pairs for left and right corners. They reinforce the corner of the previous dock section. The section that rests on the hook/J-Bracket will need corner irons to reinforce it. Once the additional section is raised to the same level as the previous, a center bolt is used to keep the two sections from disconnecting.


Each dock leg is made with 1.5″ schedule 40 pipe that is slid through the pipe brackets or stanchions. Pipe Brackets and Stanchion have set screws that clamp the 1.5″ schedule 40 pipe at the level you want it. Pipes can be driven into the ground or rest on pipe feet. Pipe feet also have a set screw allowing the pipe to be passed through and driven into the ground. The foot will keep the pipe leg from sinking into the ground.