The biggest advantage of perforated dock decking

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An abnormal amount of rain hit this region causing the lakes and ponds to rise way above their normal level. All of these docks below have their advantages but in this case, one stands out above the rest. The dock photos here show the advantage of an aluminum dock with perforated decking during an unexpected high water event.

  1. Removable Cedar Decking- As you can see, cedar floats and cedar floats away. In the unfortunate situation like this, it would be best to have an installer that you can call to be there before the water rises or motivate yourself to get the decking put away until the water level recedes. The aluminum frame will not float away but rough waves unable to pass below the frame could be a problem depending on the wind speed.
  2. Wood Stationary to Floating- The high water has caused the floating dock to rise above a safe level. The ramp is binding beyond the range of the hinges and the raised floating portion at the end is extending anchor chains beyond the ideal scope for the water depth. The stationary section before the ramp seems to be out of level because of lifting waves and the buoyancy of the wood frame and solid deck boards. This dock should be removed before the wind picks up causing an unsafe and damaging situation. This dock could drift away and collide with other docks or boats in it’s path.
  3. Perforated Decking- This dock seems to be all intact with the decking screwed down to the aluminum frames. The perforated decking allows waves to roll through the decking with less lifting force than solid deck boards. This home owner doesn’t seem to have any problems other than wet feet.

When the water level is above normal, all of these docks are at risk. Some more than others. Anything that floats around the shoreline weather it is a picnic table or a structure that broke lose can become a threat as these objects drift into your own property.

Top right; perforated decking wins the prize in this situation but it is always good practice to be ready for a storm and get your dock and other belongings out of harms way.

Perforated decking not only allows waves to pass through with less lifting force, it allows light to pass through to the vegetation below also preventing erosion. Perforated decking is ideal for use on Stairs into the lake, river or ocean, Nature walks through wetlands, and Docks that are exposed to wide water with high wave action.