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Use these parts to make Floating Wood Docks or Wooden Swim Rafts. Parts include various components such as flotation devices such, anchoring mechanisms, hardware, and other necessary materials. These parts are essential for constructing the framework of the dock or raft, as well as providing buoyancy and stability in the water. These parts are crucial for constructing safe, durable, and functional docks or rafts that can withstand the elements and provide enjoyment for years to come.

Stationary Wood Dock Hardware

Use these wood dock hardware parts to make stationary wood docks or even wood decks! A stationary dock is a type of dock that is permanently fixed to the shore or the bed of a body of water. Stationary docks are often used for larger watercraft, as they provide a stable platform for loading and unloading passengers and cargo. They may also be used for recreational purposes such as fishing or lounging. Stationary docks are a popular choice for those who live on the water and require a durable, long-lasting structure that can withstand the elements.

Aluminum Ladders

For Wood Docks

Spruce up your wood dock with an aluminum ladder that’s made in Maine!

Dock ladders for wood docks are an important accessory that allows users to easily access the water from the dock. Our ladders are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, to withstand typical exposure to water and weather. They come in several configurations, including straight or angled, and may be mounted directly to the dock. Dock ladders are an essential safety feature, particularly for children or individuals who prefer easier dock access.

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