Wood Frame Dock Stairs

  • Open risers provide a lighter weight for ease of removal or install. You can make longer stairs in spliced segments. Use pressure treated lumber for the framing.
  • Our hardware system allows for simple installation of complex landscape stairs with landings and turns. No excavation or concrete required. This is ideal for erosion sensitive areas where excavation would be harmful or expensive. Also ideal for remote locations that require all equipment to be hand carried. If you’re building a stair project, explore the interactive diagram below to find links to each component in our online store.
    If you do not wish to build your own stairs, take a look at the Aluminum Stairs on our website. They are well designed and have been shipped all over the USA.


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2x4 Rail Post Clamp (4 pack) #4051

Marine grade aluminum Requires two 3/8 bolts


The 2×4 Rail post clamp provides a pocket with a base that clamps a vertical 2×4 to the side of the dock frame. The 2×4 is the upright for a hand rail.

The railings can be easily removed.

(4 Pack)



Flush Mount Pipe Bracket #4183

Marine Grade Aluminum Requires four 3/8" carriage bolts Fits 1.5" schedule 40 Pipe


Mounts to the side of a frame to support a pipe leg.

Height adjustable with use of two stainless steel set screws.

These work great for outdoor stair stringers and pipe docks

Plate on back is 4.5″ x 5″

Flush Mount Pipe Bracket for outdoor docks, decks and stairs



Gang Plank Hanger #6005 (SOLD OUT)

Galvanized Steel 3/16" thick


This bracket bolts to the under side of a gang plank and transitions from underneath to the deck surface on the supporting dock section. There are 3 locations for bolts to be installed, joining them together.

Pipe Auger (2 Pack) #2195

Fits 1.5" schedule 40 Pipe Cast Steel Painted


This Auger has a set screw that clamps it to the bottom of a pipe that would be screwed into the mud or sand.

This works great in river banks where the current would slide the pipes out of the mud.

The auger grips into the ground and screws in for install and unscrews for removal.

The turning of the pipe can be done with the pipe puller found here in the dock tools category.

(2 Per Pack)

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Pipe Safety Cap (6 Pack) #2278G



Vinyl Cap Grey to fit 1 7/8″ OD Pipe

(6 Per Pack)

Corner Iron 90º #6027A


Corner Iron reinforces the inside corner of the dock frame.

Mostly needed on a section that is resting on the J-Brackets for stationary docks or to reinforce corners and stringers on floating docks that are under a lot of torque due to wind, current and wave action.

Corner Socket #4050


Bolts to a wood dock frame and fits 1 7/8″ OD Pipe. (Schedule 40 Galvanized Pipe)

Flip upside down for opposite side of dock.

Aluminum Dock Parts

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