Wood Frame Dock Stairs
Wood Frame Dock Stairs with Thru Flow™ Stair Treads

  • Wood frame stairs are custom made to order at any angle, typically 20º to 35º. This system is designed to be removable, but is suitable for permanent use where codes allow.
  • Measuring for custom fits is available within reasonable travel distance to our factory in Naples, Maine.
  • Open risers provide a lighter weight for ease of removal or install. Longer stairs are made in spliced segments. Framing is made from pressure treated lumber.
  • Standard stair tread material choices include: pressure treated, western red cedar, and thru flow (poly propylene grating reinforced with fiberglass).
  • Stairs are available with removable handrails to lighten the carrying load for installers. Rails can be top only, top & middle, or top with balusters (custom).
  • Our hardware system allows for simple installation of complex landscape stairs with landings and turns. No excavation or concrete required. This is ideal for erosion sensitive areas where excavation would be harmful or expensive. Also ideal for remote locations that require all equipment to be hand carried.


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